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Apple : Design of content, exemplary projects and learning community resources for Apple's education web site relating to around the use of desktop (digital) movies for K-12 education.

CapitalWorks, LLC : Co-fonder and principal. CapitalWorks is dedicated to optimizing human capital performance and continuous learning in large Fortune 1000 companies. Participant in national multi-client study to collaboratively create the first Learning Effectiveness Index , tying learning as an organizational asset to value creation.

Compaq Software/Fisher Price :(1995-96): Key consultant to a special Compaq consumer software product R&D group which, together with Fisher-Price, developed new kinds of toys/computer input devices and multimedia software for young children.

Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC): Consultant to New Media Markets group. Development of web-based learning activities and strategies for curriculum integration.

Co-nect : Consulting on integration of project-based learning (PBL) into new products and services for school reform and e-learning.

Gateway Learning Corporation: Strategic Planning and Product Development for "Hooked on Phonics" product marketing and development group.

GTEK, Ltd. : Consulting on new multimedia products and Web-based service (KiddoNet) for kids.

Herrison, Fox and Company: Multi-media development of innovative theater/role playing product for 8-13: focus on writing, self-concept and arts.

KidzMouse, Inc.: Strategic educational marketing consulting for new startup company with breakthrough new computer interface products (e.g., mouse) for use by young children.

Learning.com: Case study creation and newletter development.

Lucas Learning Ltd .: Consulting on marketing and virtual learning community development related to Lucas Learning's edutainment software products.

Microsoft - Home Products : Co-developed teacher materials to accompany Microsoft's first consumer learning/creativity products, Microsoft Creative Writer and Microsoft Fine Artist and co-author of Creative Writer learning projects book for home/school use.

OnlineLearning.net : Initial concept design for on online MA degree in urban education (collaboration with Occidental College).


Warner Brothers (Time Warner), Managing Information Systems. Consulting on development of vision and future strategy (confidential information).


Aquarium of the Pacific

Bay Area School-to-Careers Action Network (BaySCAN): Founding participant of BaySCAN's Multimedia Learning Collaborative and Network initiative and development of report of best practices and opportunities for collaboration among MMLC members.

California Science Center , Los Angeles: Strategic planning consulting to Educational Technology Dept. in development of alternative future scenarios for development and integration of educational technologies into exhibits and physical/virtual visitor learning experiences.

The EOE Foundation (formerly @ Apple Computer): EOE Associate and Senior Fellow; writer of "feature of the week" article on virtual design and learning communities around use of Java and other interactive component software and Web-based learning tools.

Galef Institute , Los Angeles: Consulting on development of DwoKNet , Galef's online learning community around it's "Different Ways of Knowing" curriculum; and consulting to the Institute's new U.S. Department of Education-funded comprehensive middle school reform project.

Generation Yes

George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF): GLEF Fellow and invited speaker about GLEF's educational programs.

Getty Education Institute for the Arts (GEI): Designing strategies and projects to help extend GEI's ArtsEdNet and build virtual learning communities in and through the visual arts.

Institute for the New California : "A Conversation for Learning in the Information Age." Invited participant in a year long conversation of leading California educators, business leaders, researchers, and public policy makers around using technology to help re-creating new kinds of lifelong learning communities in California over the next 30 years.

International Education & Resource Network (I*EARN): Invited keynote speaker for 1998 I*EARN International Conference, Chattanooga, TN.

James Burke Knowledge Web Project (K-Web)

Jewish Museum San Francisco (JMSF): Education and outreach program and pilot projects in digital storytelling for teens and college grads; research on surveying best practices in technology, early childhood and family learning for design of technology-enhanced programs and "cyber-gallery" for the new museum. (see www.israelcentersf.org/Otzma99/)

Kellogg Foundation Fellow Steven Moss, "Sense of Place" Project: Consulting in design of series of learning conversations around what it means to be a Californian in the 21st Century.

Levine Lent Family Foundation: Consulting on the use of technology and e-learning for Jewish high school education and helping architect a new center and "virtual lab" for Jewish e-learning.

National Geographic Society

The NMC: New Media Consortium: DesignWorlds and New Media Centers launch a new museum membership initiative.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Digital Learning Services: Initial planning , and Web-based educational activities architecture/concept development for PBS U.S. Olympic CyberSchool, a joint venture between PBS, IBM, CBS, and the U.S. Olympics Committee for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.

SETI Institute : Recruiting high school teachers and managing national field test of NSF-funded "Voyages through Time," a new integrated science curriculum for high school.

Workforce, L. A.


Art Center College of Design: Consulting to Vice President of IT on design of futures vision and strategy map for IT for instruction and administrative applications.

Bureau of Jewish Education , San Francisco: Facilitation of design of multi-school collaboration and technology project among seven K-8 schools in Northern California. (see www.tzedakahbox.org/routes/)

California Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly): Consulting to the Vice President of Instructional and Information Technologies on strategic planning and development of projects for integration and use of alternative technologies.

CK-12 Foundation: DesignWorlds acted as executive producer of an author team to co-design and create the first two Teacher Manual's for CK-12 digital textbooks (FlexBooks) in Algebra 1 <http://ck12.org/flexr/flexbook/938> and Life Sciences <http://ck12.org/flexr/flexbook/1629> (middle/high school).

ESCOT (Educational Software Components of Tomorrow), SRI International: Formative evaluation and team member of National Science Foundation-funded research and technology development project to produce a new model of collaborative design and implementation of component software for math and science education.

Fremont Union High School District and Cupertino High School: Member of the research and evaluation team for a special SRI and Palm, Inc. "research hub" grant for using handheld Palm PDAs for improving high school student learning, motivation and achievement in mathematics and other subjects.

Lessonopoly, Silicon Valley Education Foundation: Teacher usability study and integration of visual, CA standards-based interface from DesignWorlds' Bay Area Science Museum/Education Collaboratory <http://www.designworlds.com/collab/> for teachers' finding and using exemplary 7th grade mathematics and 8th grade science lessons from Lessonopoly.

Milken Community High School: Los Angeles' staff development activities around creating a collaborative partnership with other schools in areas of social and community service, as well as academic learning.

Oak Grove School District, San Jose, CA: Working closely with Edenvale Elementary School and other K-8 schools in OGSD to pilot development of "Multimedia Makers," the first DesignWorldsTM community. Multimedia Makers is a distributed, virtual multimedia design and learning studio to support student-created educational multimedia and Web-based learning environments. More recently, we've developed a pilot, distributed "DesignWorlds for Literacy" web-based learning resource around literacy, communications and science (grades 6-7) in six schools. (For example projects, please see www.garlic.com/~lullah/brazilus/water.html and www.davis.ogsd.k12.ca.us/s/edenvale/mars1/olympics.html.

Riverside School for the Arts (RSA): Part of a curriculum and facilities design and planning team, led by Education Professor James Catterall of UCLA for the planning of a new public school of the arts for grades 9 - 16 in Riverside; partners include Riverside Community College, Riverside County Office of Education, and University of California, Riverside.

San Bernardino Unified School District

SRI International & Palm, Inc .: Recruitment of national grant review panel for Palm Educational Pioneers program for K-12 schools, a joint research project venture between SRI and Palm, Inc.

SETI Institute : Recruiting high school teachers and managing national field test of NSF-funded "Voyages through Time," a new integrated science curriculum for high school.

UCLA, Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences : Senior Fellow (Ted), 1997-98. Concept and program design for a planned Institute for New Media and Learning; taught special graduate course in Library & Information Studies on Developing Cultural Projects & Learning Resources Using Digital Multimedia.

University of California, Davis, Department of Chemical Engineering & Material Science: Education, curriculum design and learning strategy consultant to Professor Julie Schoenung on California Green Chemistry Initiative (CA Dept. of Toxic Substances Control).

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth: NSF-funded " Component Software Architectures for Education " Project (Jim Kaput and Jeremy Roschelle). Co-author on key position paper and co-organizer of teacher and educator workshops on component software and educational technology development.

WestEd , San Francisco (formerly Far West Laboratory): Advisor and consultant on TECHSCAPE , a major new Web-based educational resource on technology, invention, and science projects; strategic consulting and "Exemplary PBL Projects" for the U.S. Department of Education-funded Regional Technology in Education Consortium (RTEC) and the Technology in Education group.

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation , in collaboration with Rockman, et cetera, Inc.: Special grant to map opportunities for collaboration and use of new collaborative technologies among San Francisco Bay Area museums, zoos, aquariums, and other informal/out-of-school learning institutions/programs with other educational partners for access to/by underserved Bay Area urban school communities.


The Art, Science and Technology of Learning: Designing Learning Environments for the 21st Century (ASTL) : Conference co-chair and organizer of international conference and workshop in the Northern Galilee, Israel (1997) for over 40 teachers and educators from 14 developed and developing countries; funded by UNDP/UNESCO, The Jewish Agency, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco/Partnership 2000 and the Feldman Family Foundation.

National Academy of Sciences (Center for Education): Invited presentation on collaborative learning communities for Workshop on Information Technology for Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education.


U.S. Congress-Office of Technology Assessment (OTA)

U.S. Department of Defense, Advanced Research Projects Agency (ISAT)

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